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Erin Boot by Old Gringo

There are a ton of Old Gringo boots out there.

I think their design work is hit and miss. Old Gringo at its best is timely and hip…keeping up better with fashion and colors than everybody in the boot biz. Other times, their off kilter styles kinda wobble, and it seems like some of their designs just doesn’t sit quite right on a cowboy boot. (…and I can’t say I’ve forgiven them for their sexy COWgirl boot years ago.)

BUT, I do like to give credit when credit is due… the new Erin cowboy boot is brilliant. Old Gringo uses its heavy monochrome stitching like tooling across the boot’s vamp and the collar with florals and scrolls. Box toe.

A “shelf” boot which evokes handcraft, without resorting to bad embossing or hurried handmade copies.  Well done.

Cowboy Boots Rango-Style

Rango Movie Cowboy Boots

Every time a new movie comes out, I get asked about who’s-wearing-which boots. So here you go… if you want boots just like Rango wears, go get yourself a pair of Old Gringo Nevada cowboy boots (I dare you to tell me I’m wrong.)

Cowboy Boots Old Gringo

And… if you like Westerns, you should go see Rango. Does the team proud. Yes, it does.

(P.S. Right now, endless.com has some great women’s cowboy boots on sale.)

Be a Boot Star

I love the texture of these “Petate” boots. If my size 5 feet were one size bigger, I think I’d wear them all the time.

They’re kinda cool and breezy like a wicker chair, but wait… you could add layer upon layer in this fall, turning these boots into best pals for your favorite tweedy jacket. Yep.

Season after season, the Exclusive Boot Star Custom Designs impress. Old Gringo styles, you won’t find anywhere else. Everyday rock star.

(P.S. I’m still wearing my last Boot Star purchase. Love ’em)

Cowboy Boots at 6pm

Hey! Remember those Old Gringo and Liberty Boots you wanted last year? …before the whole world told you to put your money back in your pocket? (Sad trombone, via Maggie)

Well, I’m giving you one last chance.

6pm sells mens, womens and kids cowboy boots at up to 75% off retail. Here’s your chance to be twice the rockstar at half the price (…or yeah, you could get a couple more pairs of the same Ariat’s yer wearing now. Geez.)

Your size is selling quick, better hurry.