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A Game of Peek-a-Boot 1

sole cowboy boots

I got a new pair of custom made cowboy boots… and they’re swell.

I could post a photo toe-to-top, like I usually do… but nah,  not this time. I will post photos one boot characteristic at a time, so you can soak in all the wowie-zowieness …and you can play the game of puzzling the pieces together.

Okay, let’s start. Here is sole of the boot, up near the toe. It holds a clue to the boot’s maker… Can you guess who it is? (You can look for clues and type your guesses in the comment section, below.)

Bad Manners

What do you get when you cross a cowboy boot with a skate boardTin Haul is aim at the teen rodeo market, graffiti colors… unruly.

Designed by grown-ups who obviously wanted to do something that’s never been done before… and in their excitement lost all sense and designed something that shouldn’t be done ever …place a portrait of a woman on the sole of a cowboy boot.


Why don’t we have an “obvious sole” with a eye-catching American flag? or a maybe cross? Hey! Maybe do a print-on-demand set up with the teen’s actual grandmother, mother or English teacher?


(Tin Haul cowboy boots made by Stetson > a.k.a Roper, a.k.a Karman, Inc. What do you think?)