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Today’s eBay Pick: My Cowboy Boots

You can now own a bit-o-history. These 1970’s patchwork Justin boots are straight from the pages of my book. Yep… shown in a full-page color photo on p. 45 to be exact.

This week, I’m selling them on eBay, accompanied by a signed copy of my book and a hand written letter of authenticity. These boots are truly neato, cool, groovy, fab, bangin’, gnarly…one could even say “foxy.”

(Keep your eye on my eBay selling for more cowboy boot collectibles coming up!)

Cowboy Boot History for Sale on eBay

A rare find. A pen and ink drawing signed by Harry Olsen. The image is great… a wild bronc bustin’ out of a corral of art deco typography. (photos)

Olsen-Stelzer created beautiful cowboy boot catalogs way back when. Illustrated the margins with sunsets and cactus… a pen and ink was all you needed to imagine adventure in high-def.

(Photo courtesy of eBay seller Texas36. Thanks to Marshall C. for the heads-up.)